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So, here's the deal. I have reduced my picks to the two best possible programs. With one program, you can train with weights and the other without weights.

Please read my review of each program. Both programs focus on safety, are based on science, and Professionals are your teachers. The best part of what I found is that you can train with both programs at home.

Choose the one that is best for you. After reading the reviews, make a decision. Then, click your picks link to investigate your choice further. Once satisfied, commit, and invest. Both programs are worth your time and effort.

When you begin training, feel free to contact me at []. Let me know how you are doing. Also, please send me a video of your progress. Your success is essential.


The Best Vertical Jump Programs are what you’re looking to find. That is why your choice of a Vertical Jump Program is crucial. Choosing the wrong program can be frustrating, unproductive, and possibly cause injury. These are three things you want to avoid. The programs I have reviewed for this session will end your frustration and make you productive while emphasizing safety.

After you choose your Vertical Jump Program, I want you to please follow the following guidelines.

  • Set your goal,
  • Pay attention to your instructors
  • Do the exercises correctly
  • Don’t quit.

Many young athletes spend valuable time searching for FREE Vertical Jump Programs (Something For Nothing) online. Breaking News, FREE doesn’t exist. Yet, every year thousands of young athletes fail to reach their Vertical Jump goals doing just that. To get the full benefits of Vertical Jump Training, you must commit and invest in yourself.

I have researched many programs. Some were good, and some were not helpful. With that said, I’m not here to bash any jump programs. That’s just not me. Instead, my focus is on your success.

Your goal is to succeed while having a good experience in a safe training environment. Why?

  • One, your goal is to Increase Your Vertical Jump NOW.
  • Secondly, you do not want to waste time and money getting it done.
  • Additionally, you want the best training experience possible. Let’s get started.


“The decision you make today may enhance your life tomorrow.”

My # 2 Pick “The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller

 The Jump Manual is an accumulation of 15 years of research and gets right to the point. Jacob Hiller, the owner of THE JUMP MANUAL, takes a science-based training approach. Although this program relies heavily on weight training at a gym, it provides alternative home training exercises. Also, the jump manual is excellent for both basketball and volleyball players.

Vertical Jump Affiliate program

As you examine The Jump Manual, you will find an emphasis on proper warmup routine, fast-twitch muscle fibers, form, technique, nutrition, flexibility, and balance. The focus Jacob puts on safety is excellent. Coach Hiller also focuses on body-weight for jumping, the athlete’s genetics, and training for explosive movement. Injuries are a part of all sports-based routines. The key is to avoid injuries by paying close attention to the instructions.

Any program will need some modification to remain productive. However, the Jump Manual has stayed the course over the years while changing with the times. Therefore, my recommendation is “The Jump Manual Digital.” The cost is only $97.00 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Also, The Jump Manual now offers five bonuses to go along with its excellent program.

The Jump Manual Bonuses

#1 – LEAN POWER PROTOCOL. It teaches you when to eat in comparison to your workouts. That increases muscle growth. Plus, Step by step plan using foods that causes you to burn fat while also helping lean muscle growth.

#2 – VERTICAL INCHES teaches additional workout techniques to add up to 6” to your vertical jump.

#3 – BEAST HOOPS, a lean upper body workout for basketball.                                      

#4 – An interview with NBA shooting coach DAVE HOPLA.

#5 – HOW TO GET AND STAY IN THE ZONE: Interview with Sports Performance Psychologist TIMOTHY GALLWEY

**You can also get 1-on-1 coaching through the jump manual for $19.00 per month.**

Likes and Drawbacks

The Jump Manual Summary

Any experienced athlete choosing The Jump Manual selects a tremendous vertical jump program. It is well worth your while. Pay attention to your form when exercising. It will feel awkward, but you are creating a training habit the right way.

If you have the time and love working with weights in a gym or home environment, The Jump Manual is the program for you. By choosing The Jump Manual, you get a program that gives you a great training experience while successfully helping you achieve your goal.

This program can help you avoid the frustration, unproductiveness, and possible injury other athletes experience using inferior programs.

Use the Link below to begin investigating if The Jump Manual is your choice.


Pick #1 "Vert Shock by Adam Folker"

Vert-Shock Based On Science And Safety

Adam Folker is basing all training on science. Adam has devoted his time developing and refining The Vert-Shock System, beginning with “The Shock Method and Plyometrics by Russian Sports Scientist Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky. Workouts are high intensity and target your central nervous system. The focus is on the activation of your elastic fibers.

With Vert-Shock, safety is a priority. The design of Vert-Shock is to keep you safe from overtraining and prevent damage to your body. Although no one can guarantee 100% injury-free training, Adam has gone through painstaking efforts to keep you as safe as possible.

 No weight lifting, gym, or equipment is required. This program is safe for teens, cuts down training time, and is easy to understand and implement. All you need is an internet connection.

The basic plan comes with the three phases of training recommended by Adam and Justin and tons of extras ($330 in free bonuses.) The price is $138.00, about what you would pay for a pair of sneakers (Kobes $120.00) or (Lebrons $130). However, Adam is giving you more than 50% off the price, which means you can get Vert-Shock for $67.00. Take a look at what you’ll get.

The 3 Step Program

  • 1 -Pre-Shock Phase: pre-conditions your body. This portion of your training lasts for 1-week. You can make gains of 1-3 inches during this time.
  • 2 -Shock Phase is where the hard work begins. It is the second part of your training and lasts for 6-weeks. Here is where the work begins on your fast-twitch fibers. You can make gains of up to 7” or more.
  • 3 – The Post-Shock Phase – used to solidify your gains.

Plus 5 Bonuses Just For You

  1. The 4 Vertical Jump Killers – 4 things that will prevent you from increasing your Vertical Jump
  2. 5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher – the secret technique of targeting the right muscle fibers
  3. Weekly check-ins – behavioral psychology that prevents you from relying totally on your willpower. Vert-Shock has your back
  4. Diet Checklist – don’t limit your jumping abilities. Learn what not to eat and find out the best food to consume
  5. NBA Secrets – this bonus reveals the jump secrets of the professionals

***You’ll also get Six More Extras, including a Maintenance Program and Olympic High Jump secrets.***

If you invest today, you will receive access to “The Jump Like Justin System.” Inside, Justin reveals all of his top secrets to jumping. Vert-Shock provides excellent support and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. I recommend this program to everyone.

Likes and Drawbacks

Vert-Shock Summary

The choice of Vert-Shock is an excellent choice for any athlete. I highly recommend this plan, especially if you are a beginner or have tried other jump programs and failed. Pay close attention to the exercises. Be sure you are performing them correctly.

If you are ready to work without worry or lack of results, this vertical jump program is for you. Rest assured, The Vert-Shock Program will give you the confidence to succeed without frustrating issues. The ability to train at home without the need for weights or other equipment is a plus. The safeness of this application is second to none.

To make Vert-Shock your choice, please use the link below to investigate this program further.

The Conclusion

The Vertical Jump Programs in this review are the best you can currently find. There are other programs, and you may find minimal success with one or two. However, based on your needs and to avoid the frustration of going from one program to another, give Vert Shock or The Jump Manual programs a good look.

Taught by professionals and based in science, Vert Shock and The Jump Manual hold their own. Emphasizing safety as a priority, these Vertical Jump Programs have your best interest at heart.


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