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How To Choose A Vertical Jump Program

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Multiple layers of thought must go into choosing a Vertical Jump Program. Why? These programs are not a one size fits all answer to your goal of increasing your Vertical Jump. The program that works well for one athlete may not work as well for another. With that in mind, I would like to start this guide with a word of advice.

  • Please take the time to investigate a program before you invest your time and money into its training.

Now, we will begin learning How To Choose A Vertical Jump Program by first considering the critical factors of your age, experience, weight, and ability. These factors will affect you as you train.

What Age Is Best To Begin A Vertical Jump Program

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Whether male or female, many studies conclude the best gains for a Vertical Jump Increase begin after age 15. However, polled coaches agree that age 12 is a good age to begin a Vertical Jump Program. Other researchers have discovered that those under the age of 12 are not interested in working hard to achieve a goal. Instead, these young children play for the fun of the games.

Only when these young sports enthusiasts find they have a talent does their attention turn to getting better. With the encouragement of their parents or coaches, these young athletes begin to put in the work required to succeed. If you are an enthusiastic young athlete 12 years or older and want to improve your power output, you are ready to start a Vertical Jump Program.

Is Experience Required To Begin A Vertical Jump Program?

No, experience is not required to begin a Vertical Jump Program. The best programs will teach you how to perform each exercise needed to complete your training one step at a time. Besides, starting with a clean slate means not worrying about changing lousy training habits. The critical thing to remember is to perform each exercise as directed, complete with form and intensity.

What Part Does Body Weight Play In Vertical Jump Height Gains?

Your body weight plays an essential part in how high you can leap. The lighter you are, the higher you can jump. However, I am not saying that a heavier athlete can never out-jump a lighter athlete. A heavier athlete can certainly out-jump his lighter counterpart by toning body mass, developing lean muscle, and increasing leg power.

When you defy gravity, your weight slightly changes. In contrast, your mass remains the same regardless of its location. Weight and mass are essential because shorter or heavier athletes may take longer to reach their Vertical Jump goal, depending on their power output. Suppose you are a heavier athlete. Choose the right Vertical Jump Program and add aerobic exercises to your training regimen. In that case, you, the more serious athlete, can accomplish the goal of jumping higher.

Does Athletic Ability Play An Essential Role In Increasing Your Vertical Jump?

When we speak of athletic ability, I think of genetics. While genetics may play an essential role initially, it does not determine how high someone not born with specific genes can jump. You can maximize strength, flexibility, and velocity (speed) through training. Jumping higher may take longer, but a determined young athlete who is not genetically gifted can jump higher through hard work.

How To Choose Your Vertical Jump Program

Learning How To Jump Higher is a demanding task. Choosing the Best Vertical Jump Program can be time-consuming. However, following the suggestions in this guide can help you save time and money. So, what about choosing your Vertical Jump Program? There are many programs out there. Some are good, and some are not. I’ve done the research.

I’m not getting into the good or bad of any one program. I will share with you the type of program successful athletes use. Thus, the program has to fit your needs and abilities. First, safety is at the forefront.

If a program is not safe, you could do more damage than good. Secondly and without question, your program should always begin with a Dynamic Warm-up and end with Static Stretching. A great program will teach you the difference and have a standard built-in for you.

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Thirdly, the program would have to be taught by a professional. You want someone who has the experience, credibility, and documentation to prove it. The fourth thing you should examine is genuine testimonials. An established program will have many. Number five, your program should encourage eating proper foods. Some foods can kill your efforts to jump higher. So a healthy diet is essential.

Finally, great Vertical Jump Programs will always have a built-in maintenance program. This section is there to help you maintain your Vertical Jump height. It is counter-productive to do all the work you will do to reach your goal to have it stripped away due to inactivity

Your Vertical Jump Program | Not One-Size-Fits-All

Thousands of Young Athletes training online fail because Vertical Jump Programs are not one-size-fits-all cookie cutters. The right program for one athlete may not be suitable for another. Therefore,  if you are under 15 years of age or lack training experience, or both, your plan may differ from someone who has the experience and is more advanced.

For example, Professional Athletes have their specialized training and workouts tailored to them by a personal trainer based on their specific needs and capabilities. As a result, these Athletes enjoy a high rate of success, translating their training to the field or court performances.

In comparison, your trainer will come in the form of a Vertical Jump Program. Plan to make your decision based on self-evaluation and consider your specialized training needs based on your capabilities.

The Conclusion

Use a multi-layered approach when choosing your Vertical Jump Program. Remember, these programs are not a one size fits all solution to your vertical jump needs. Begin by doing a self-assessment of yourself. Consider the critical factors of age, weight, experience, and ability.

Scrutinize the program you are thinking of using. Ask yourself, is this program taught by a professional? Does this program emphasize safety? Is there a built-in maintenance section to this course? Continue to ask, are the testimonials credible? Will you be encouraged to eat healthy foods, get the proper rest, and allow your body adequate recovery time?

Answering the above questions is essential to you making your decision. After all, finding the Best Vertical Jump Program for you is the goal. So, when you feel satisfied and confident about the information you have gotten from the program you are researching, you, my friend, are well on your way to increasing your vertical jump.

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