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How To Jump Higher

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The Introduction

How To Jump Higher? That is the question asked by thousands of Young Athletes. These Athletes want to have a vertical jump increase now. Therefore, they must find a Vertical Jump Program, do some exercises, improve their verticals, and succeed. Right? Wrong! If it were that simple, everyone would triumph.
Learning How To Jump Higher is physically demanding. Vertical Jump Training calls for knowledge, concentration, and determination. Are you ready to learn five simple strategies that will get you going? If your answer is yes, let’s get started.

How To Jump Higher | Strategy #1 | Replace The Words “I’ll Try” With The Words “I Will.”

Jumping Higher is something you do and not try. Let me explain. I consistently hear the words “I’ll Try” when it comes to sports training. Well, just seeking to do something doesn’t cut it! You do, or you don’t.

 Therefore, the truth is that you will best start your road to success by taking the word try out of your vocabulary and deleting it from your mind. Instead, it would help if you decided that increasing your vertical will happen.

Now, there are a couple of truths you must consider. First, the natural physical abilities you bring to a sport have little to do with your most successful period as an athlete. Instead, it’s your attitude toward learning that is all-important.

Secondly, the physical makeup and learning ability of every Athlete is different. For this reason, the goal you set must be reachable. How would you go about setting an attainable goal? You can start by not taking Vertical Jump Program ads at face value.

How To Jump Higher | Strategy #2 | Look Beyond Vertical Jump Program Ads

Most ads for Vertical Jump Programs don’t tell the whole story. To demonstrate, read the sample ads below and decide if you have heard something like them before.

  • We’ll show you how to add 6 to 14 inches to Your Vertical Jump.
  • Add 6 Inches to Your Vertical Jump in 3 Weeks.
  • How to Increase Your Vertical by 15 inches.

In short, these ads seem effortless. Some ads make you believe you will reach your goal if you go through the training once. However, The Truth About Vertical Jump Training is that only a tiny percentage of athletes will achieve these goals in any specified time frame. For that reason, you should look beyond the Ads.

My advice is to forget the time frame. Remember, the ability of every Athlete is different. Reaching your goal of jumping higher will take a group of small successes to significantly improve. Once you decide on a program, do the following.

  • First, get a medical checkup to be sure you are fit.
  • Next, consider your age, ability, and genetics, which are essential to your success.
  • Thirdly, go through the program.
  • Fourth, when you finish the program, test your Vertical in inches.
  • Lastly, if you are not at your target height, allow your body to recover and go through the application again.

Now, please pay attention. I will give you my coach’s three tips in strategy number three. The great thing about these tips/tools is that you can control them. Therefore, you can easily make these tools a part of your training.

how to jump higher with vert shock

Just Beginning To Train | Go Vert Shock

Vert Shock is the #1 Vertical Jump Program for a reason.

Beginners and Athletes who are inexperienced with weights will find Vert Shock is safe and it works. Vert Shock will get you dunking a basketball or going high above a Volleyball net.

How To Jump Higher | Strategy #3 | Know The Three Mental Tools

You can use three mental tools when learning How To Jump Higher. The first of these tools is Posture. Your position is your mental attitude. It determines the way you think and behave. How you respond to external and internal stimuli is all too important.

Your internal reactions to coaches’ concepts and your response to external influences will determine your real success. For example, a judgemental attitude to concepts taught will manifest as an unsuccessful physical action.

Learning to trust and buy into the success system taught is necessary for real progress. A trusting posture will allow you to feel the truthfulness and internally see the good that will come from concepts taught through your program.

Please allow yourself the opportunity to transform concepts taught into positive physical actions as you progress toward your goal of jumping higher.

The same holds true for anything you do in life. To remain successful and continue to grow, you must maintain a positive mental attitude toward accomplishing whatever goal you set.


The second tool is AMBITION. You must have the objective and consciously commit to improving or developing your ability. Ambition, my friend, is the mental mindset of the successful Athlete. It is that ambitious purpose that will separate you from all the rest.

It would be best to take the stance that you will do this; it will happen; there are no ifs and’s or buts about it. You are going to improve your jumping ability. Now, here’s the kicker. Just having ambition is not enough. Being dedicated to your cause is the fuel that will drive your ambition.


Dedication is the last of these mental tools. Commitment means having the ability to move past any doubt or inhibition you might have. You must keep your mind on your task and not some reward. Athletes who keep their thoughts on the awards rather than the task at hand miss the opportunity to succeed.

Those who are self-motivated from within and dedicated to understanding the exercises and developing the vertical jump skills do better than those who train with the thought of showing off, becoming famous, or making money in mind. Instead, the focus should be on the exercise. The training will make you a better athlete and move forward with your sport.

Athletes who have the Dedication and work the hardest move forward faster in developing their jumping ability. These athletes concentrate on the crucial small things that help them progress.

They become deeply immersed in the activity and draw on the energy generated by their inner desires. This is called having the correct Posture.

Remember, your ability is not the most important thing. Your mental Posture, ambition, and Dedication are. We all come from different backgrounds. We have been influenced differently throughout our lives. And all athletes come into sports with different abilities.

To develop, you must be willing to leave your comfort zone. Also, making the exercises learned in your vertical jump program a part of your daily training regimen is a good thought.

Now, here is the piece of advice I promised you. Avoid the negative.

How To Jump Higher | Strategy #4 | Avoid Negative Influence

You must reinvent yourself positively and stay clear of negative influences. What good is having a goal of learning how to jump higher if you allow a negative impact? In many cases, not overcoming negative comments can lead to a lack of self-confidence.

What Negative Influence Sounds Like

Negative influence sounds something like this.

  • Man, I tried that program; it doesn’t work.
  • You already jump high enough.
  • I don’t believe you can do it.

Often, a lack of self–confidence is imposed on us by others. We allow others to tell us what we can and cannot do. If you listen to negative comments enough, it can shatter your confidence to achieve a set goal.

People often say something negative not to destroy your faith but because they believe that they are helping by saving you from disappointment.

For instance, what if you decided to get better as an athlete. Your coaching staff advises you to take vertical jump training. Your goal is to develop power because you want to play in high school, college, or the pros?

Your best friend hears of this and says, Man, you’re not good enough to achieve that or man, you need to set another goal. Understand that friends often make comments like these to keep you from becoming depressed due to failure.

After all, your friend has never known you to accomplish that goal. Your friend didn’t mean anything by what they said. They were trying to help.

Can You Succeed?

Here is what you should remember. No one achieves without some failure. Never allow anyone to discourage you from the goals you have set for yourself. Instead, smile, stay determined, and keep working.

So what if you fail the first time. Many athletes who succeed fail first. Failure is but one door to success. Many of us never walk through that door. Instead, we quit. Once you begin your challenge of learning How To Jump Higher, never give up.

Fact: You could fail the first time or the second. But, if you keep going, you will eventually succeed.

how to jump higher with vert shock

Just Beginning To Train | Go Vert Shock

Vert Shock is the #1 Vertical Jump Program for a reason.

Beginners and Athletes who are inexperienced with weights will find Vert Shock is safe and it works. Vert Shock will get you dunking a basketball or going high above a Volleyball net in just 8 weeks.

How To Jump Higher | Strategy #5 | Choose Your Vertical Jump Program Wisely

What about choosing your Vertical Jump Program? There are many programs out there. Some are good, and some are not. I’ve done my research.

I’m not going to get into the good or bad of a particular program. I will share the type of program I will use with you. The program I would use needs three things before considering it myself.

First, this program would have to be safe. If an application is not secure, it can harm your efforts and health. Now, I know that nothing is 100% safe. That goes without saying. You could walk outside of your house and get hurt.
But, I look for the most reliable program I can find regarding safety. While on the subject of being safe, it is wise to get a doctor’s approval before starting an intense training regimen.

Secondly, the program would have to be proven to work and be taught by a professional. You want someone who has done it and has the documentation to prove it.

The third thing I would look for is endorsements and testimonials. You should be able to read or listen to actual testimonials from real people before deciding.

Take Amazon, for instance. I used to shop there a lot. Before I purchase anything through Amazon, I always read the testimonials about the product. As you examine a Vertical Jump Program, please read the testimonials. It’s a good thing to know what other athletes are saying.

The Summary

Learning How To Jump Higher won’t be easy. Hard work is required. But, if you follow the tips outlined in this article, you will be well on your way.

  • Know something you do and not try
  • Look beyond the program ads
  • Use the three mental tools to jump higher
  • Avoid Negative Influence
  • Choose Your Vertical Jump Program Wisely

Knowing How To Jump Higher is vital to you. You are in control. Keep jumping and be safe.

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